PREMIUM 1.4021

Delivery hardness max. 252 HB
Tensile strength (approx. on delivery) 850 N/mm2
Working hardness max. 47 HRC
Tensile strength (at max. working hardness) 1520 N/mm2
Working temperature20 up to 400°C
Wear resistance
Corrosion resistance

Technical properties:

AISI/SAE ~420: Martensitic chromium steel with good mechanical properties (tempered condition). With the ability to polish this material to a high gloss finish it is ideally suited as knife steel. Good forgeability, medium weldability and is conditionally acid resistant. Working hardness: approx. 25 HRC (delivery condition) up to 47 HRC.


AISI/SAE ~420: Automotive industry, power engineering, turbine and power plant construction, medical technology, mechanical engineering, petrochemical industry, cutting tool industry, knives, fasteners, architecture and decoration.

C 0,16 up to 0,25 Ni - up to -
Si - up to 1,0 V - up to -
Mn - up to 1,5 W - up to -
P - up to 0,04 Cu - up to -
S - up to 0,015 N - up to -
Cr 12,0 up to 14,0 Ti - up to -
Mo - up to - Co - up to -


<h3>€co-Präz</h3> 500 mm


500 mm
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<h3>Precision round steel ISO h9</h3> 1.000 mm

Precision round steel ISO h9

1.000 mm
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